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An inkjet cartridges is the component which can be replaced with an inkjet printer. The cartridge contains ink which is used to spread over paper during the process of printing. Each cartridge contains one or more partitions for ink reservoirs. Some manufacturers also provide electronic contacts over cartridge; this is useful to the cartridge to communicate with the printer. The design of inkjet printers vary according to manufacturers and technology they use. These are discussed in following context.

Most products of inkjet printers are of thermal. They use a thermal kind inkjet. A heat element is present on each partition of ink reservoir. There are small metal plates which act as a heating element. A tiny current is produced in response to signal obtain from the printer. This makes the resistor or metal to warm, whereas ink surrounded around this metal gets vaporized into tiny air bubbles inside the nozzles. As a consequence, an ink droplet comes out of cartridge and forced into the surface of paper. This process happens in matter of milliseconds. Some printers use piezoelectric crystal instead of heating element in each nozzle. The crystal changes its shape or size when current applied on it. This causes the nozzle to drop ink. This is similar that of thermal type instead sometimes we get smaller droplets than that of the thermal type.

A typical set up contains two separate and different printer cartridge inserted in a printer. One contains black ink and another one contains the three primary colours. This cartridge has its own dedicated compartment for each primary colour. Some special cartridges contain ink specially formulated to print photographs. All suppliers produce different ink cartridges which can fix exactly to the particular manufacturers. So the Cartridges are different and incompatible for common use. They show differences in either physical or electrical manner. The replacements of cartridges from original manufacturer are quite expensive. This tuned several vendors to produce less expensive alternatives. Hence they provide cartridges that sometimes have more ink compared to that of the original one. They produce inferior, same or better qualities like that of original depending upon some factors. Sometimes compatible cartridges may cause some problems in some models. This in turn causes void in the warranty provided by the printer manufacturer.

Many cartridges are expensive in nature. Typically many times it costs substantial fraction of printer’s cost. In order to save money, people use compatible cartridges from the vendors rather than from original printer manufacturers. The high cost helped the counterfeiters to supply false cartridges claiming them to be original one. There is an alternative which involves modifications in the original cartridge which allows inks from external tanks continuously. Another easy method is to refill using bulk inks. Because of the expensive price from original manufacturer, there is a demand for third party option which is considerably cheap. These contain cartridge refilling kits and bulk inks. When it is kept in machine it automatically refills the cartridges.

Thus there is always a need of third party when it comes to refilling the cartridges. This will last long until the original manufactures comes down in reducing the price considerably.


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